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Designing The Digital Transformation Lab

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The third hands-on Lab for the 2019 Live Innovation Lab (LILab) Flagship event series in Munich took place in Friends Factory City and was about unfolding what Digital Transformation means and how to make it happen.

Our guest speaker Natalia Startseva did an incredible job in guiding us to explore how to use Design Thinking and Agile methods to drive Digital Transformation.

Design thinking, Agile and Digital Transformation are current buzzwords. During the Lab we got to unfold what they actually are and how can they help our organisations, start-ups and even the society.

The Lab explored some essential questions like: What exactly is Digital Transformation? What needs to change for it to happen? How can Design Thinking and Agile methods be meaningfully combined to drive transformation? What are the advantages of each individual method?

Digital Transformation is not all about technologies. To successfully implement Digital Transformation, organisations must set up processes and environments of transformational awareness, rapid learning, human-centered design, cross functional teams, empowered employees, intelligent technologies, continuous cycles of innovation, new business models and sustainable growth. Taking in consideration these aspects leaders within the organisation can implement successfully the transformational change.

In the Digital Transformation era, transformation can come not only from senior management but from anyone within the organisation. Using Agile and Design Thinking approaches you can set up self organized teams to prove the value of Innovative approaches to solve the challenges your organisation faces.

If you want to explore more the topic, here you can find the slide deck of the Lab.

During the Lab participants worked work in teams on practical example where they got to test these frameworks and discover techniques on how to drive change.

All the teams created ingenious solutions on how to drive Digital Transformation in different industries. The solutions ranged from Interactive Learning Activities, Mind-mapping plugin for Web Browsing, Regulatory Board for Housing Pricing, Onsite Digital Feedback about Doctors’ Appointments to be sent directly to the health Insurances.

Friends Factory Munich provided the right environment for networking, community building, exchange of ideas, and collaboration.
Exciting new connections were built, wild ideas shared, hands-on experiences created and, collaboration among change makers created an atmosphere full of fun and inspiration during the Lab.

We were happy to see such a great mixture of participants and ideas. We were thrill to see many women participating in the Lab.

One of the Goals of Live Innovation Lab is to bridge the gap between the STEM, Business and Humanities fields but also the gender gap by bringing more women in to the innovation stage.

Get to know Natalia!

Natalia Startseva is on a mission to disrupt enterprise architecture in the corporate environment. Combining a startup mindset & corporate experience, she is an enabler of organizational culture and mindset change.

Natalia has 10+ years of international experience in digital, online, IT and eCommerce endeavors across different industries. She is a Design Thinking and Lean Startup expert, certified in SCRUM and Agile project management.

She is also an advisor for an international 5000+ AI community focusing on the AI-augmented workplace.

Connect with her on LinkedIn

Get to know our host for the night!

Special thanks to our host Friends Factory, a co-working space which combines a professional atmosphere with an innovative concept of networking areas in order to connect people. Their goal is all about the exchange of ideas!

If you are looking for a upbeat and welcoming coworking space in Munich, Friends Factory is the place to be.

Don’t forget to join us on Meetup, FB or Instagram to stay up to day about all our upcoming Labs & events…

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our next events…


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