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Business Innovation and Scrum Lab

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Our fourth flag ship event of the year was a business case session about Business Model Innovation and SCRUM best practices sharing within a startup environment.
The Lab was a space for exchange, networking and collaboration, which covered three areas out of the seven areas of innovation which LILab focuses on: Business Chemistry, Entrepreneurship Factory and Science and Tech Lab.

In the first part of the session we got to learn how our host NavVis innovated their model from Sales to Ecosystem and how they changed the way they create value; from one-time sale to subscription model.

We heard first hand about how a startup evolves and generates growth by always listening to the feedback from customers.

In the second part of the lab we got an overview of the way Design & Engineering team approach the Scrum-method for hardware development and production, pinpointing all the changes and adaptations of the NavVis Scrum-adventure, as well as some tips on the practical side.

We had a very inspiring and interesting discussion about SCRUM.

Let’s dive into what is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework for effective Team collaboration while
Developing and Maintaining complex products.

Scrum is designed to optimize Flexibility, Creativity and Productivity, while enhancing
Transparency, Inspection and Adaption in order to build Trust in a Team.

A Scrum team is made up of three Scrum roles:
Product owner, Scrum Master, and the Development team.

The PO is the only authority responsible for what will be developed and in what order.
The SM is a Servant-Leader and acts as a coach and facilitator, protecting the team from outside interference.
The Dev. team is self-organized, cross-functional and highly productive, striving to improve on each Sprint/iteration and focused on generating valuable releasable product increments (common Goal).

We also got very good insights into why to use SCRUM for Hardware and the benefits are better overview of the work, easier communication, short term and realistic planning and happy & motivated teams.

As a main take away of the Lab we got reminded that Innovation is a crucial part for any business growth. Whatever you chose, take the extra verbs away. Well
thought-out innovation improve business processes in an organization and directly impacts productivity and
value creation.

Oganizations who want to be on the forefront can use tools as Scrum as a means for innovation.

Meet our speakers for the Lab!
Andreas Goebel
Andreas is a versatile industrial designer with 8+ years of international experience in different areas, such as graphic, product (hardware) design and product management.
Born and raised in the Bavarian alps, Andreas loves to be out in nature figuring out how things work.
As co-head of the Design and Engineering team at NavVis, Andreas is constantly fighting for simpler and more functional products.
In his role as Team Lead and Product Owner, Andreas strives to understand the roots of a problem and dig deeper to find the right solution.

Hernando Samuel Pinzon Holguin
Samuel is a Mexican-Colombian advanced product designer with an international background.
At NavVis Samuel develops, along with his Team, the Hardware components of their products and serves as Scrum Master. This role is a perfect fit, thanks to his acquired German straightforwardness and his innate sensitive Latin-way.
He is constantly measuring the temperature within his team in order to help them become better, by adjusting and adapting the Scrum method to their very own needs.
Samuel has “coached” teams in other companies at a very early “Scrum-stage”, helping them understand the needs and goals of their Scrum-adventure.

Hans-Joachim Scharf is a very passionate executive account manager for Bavaria, Austria and CEE.
His international experience (in places such as China, Switzerland and France) has provided him with a strong sense of empathy, which allows him to understand the needs of his customers/partners in a thorough way.
Within his daily work, he builds up, develops and maintains Enterprise customers (BMW, Continental etc.) as well as the network of NavVis Mapping and Solution partners.
Hans and his team are constantly promoting and looking for ways to expand the range of the NavVis-solutions for our very international pool of customers/partners. In fact, he has experienced and shaped the transformation of the NavVis Value proposition from “Product-” to “Solution-“.

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