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Co-creating a circular future through Playnnovation

What an inspiring “Co-creating a circular future through Playnnovation” session we had today at the Circular Futures’ Circular Festival!

Using the Playnnovation framework, teams designed prototypes aimed at redesigning the future of fashion, reducing waste, rethinking food systems, and re-imagining cities with circularity.

Through a guided game session, we took the participants on a journey to unleash the potential of purposeful play by identifying the components of the innovator’s mindsets within each of them.

First, we kick-started the session with an individual activity during which each participant was assigned a playground in which they could choose a challenge and start crafting their solution using a virtual toy box.

The individual activity was time-boxed. During the allotted individual time, participants faced disruptors specifically designed to showcase the core challenges of an innovator’s journey; such as limited resources, unpredictability, and a continuously changing context. 

In addition, participants experienced how play is a tool for innovation since it helps find the non-evident connections between people, ideas, and things. Connections that foster innovations far richer than one idea by itself!

At the end of the session, single participants were tasked with combining their solutions into one single model. In this way, they discovered, on a first-hand basis, how collaboration, play, and empathy are key to pushing innovative ideas forward.

We are thrilled to have received their feedback about how the session inspired them and surprised them!

“Playnnovation – a playful approach to give free rein to your own ideas and to develop new ideas together. It’s amazing how many interesting ideas can emerge in such a short time. Best of all it’s fun and I really liked it.”

Josua Thiessen

When was the last time you played? Join us next time to co-create the future through Playnnovation!

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