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Live Innovation Lab is a volunteer-driven organisation. Our team is made up of Innovation Champions who believe in innovation as a driver for change.

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Meet the core team

Maria Diaz is a learning experience designer and digital training consultant with more than 12 years of experience in America and Europe. Her portfolio of work includes the design of learning solutions based on innovative techniques such as gamification, learning on-the-go, augmented learning and the use of AI as training solutions. Co-creator of the Innovation Handprint Model and Playnnovation™ Framework, she is LILab’s Experience Designer, a role which allows her to share her expertise in the fields of audience engagement, hands-on learning and the art of making innovation happen.

Paula Mertens is an enthusiastic process engineer, design thinking practitioner and certified Scrum Master. She has over 12 years of international experience in both startups and large organizations, where she was able to gain valuable skills in agile and traditional project management approaches. As a true entrepreneur she is passionate about product, process and business development. She believes that inclusion, collaboration and knowledge sharing help deliver innovative solutions that have a positive impact on people and environment. For her LILab is an opportunity to leverage her strengths to drive innovation and sustainability. She supports LILab as an Event Catalyzer. She is Co-creator of the Playnnovation™ Framework.

Jarazet Altamirano is an innovationist, certified Agile Leadership and Design Thinking trainer. She has over 10 years of experience in Innovation Management, playing a key role in been developing and implementing innovative frameworks and strategies in non for profit organizations, start-ups, as well as, in Fortune 500 companies North America and Europe. Her belief that everyone has all the potential to innovate and can play a part in shaping a more purposeful and sustainable future led her to found Live Innovation Lab. At LILab Jarazet enjoys creating new inspiring frameworks and ecosystems through which innovation can be fostered. She is the co-creator of the Playnnovation™ Framework.

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