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Playnnovation Virtual Lab

During summer we launched the virtual version of Playnnovation. This thrilling experience rounded up participants from wildly different backgrounds who joined us from several countries around the world.

We started by exploring the theory of fun and the importance of incorporating play in our work environment and daily life in order to fuel imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, cross-collaboration, and emotional well-being; essential elements necessary to drive innovation.

Through a guided game session, we took the participants on a journey to unleash the potential of purposeful play by identifying the components of the innovator’s mindsets within each of them.

We delved fully into playful mode by building teams who would go on to ideate and build a solution for a specific topic of their choosing. Options ranged from being creative every day and job crafting for the future to sustainable lifestyle and work-life balance in the new normal…

But the journey was not easy: participants had to deal with the unexpected challenges we put in their way. Each challenge has been specifically designed to help discover and train one of the innovator’s essential mindsets.

The night wrapped up with a bang during which each team showed how they had concretely tackled their challenge by creating either a model or a prototype.

This playful journey enabled participants to not only gain a better understanding of the innovation process but to train, on the way, the mindsets needed to innovate. Even more, they discovered on a first-hand basis how collaboration, play, and empathy are key to pushing innovative ideas forward.

 Check out some selected feedback we received that night here:

“Challenging, informative, and fun.”

“Fantastic preparation of the Miro board, group work, and round-up at the end.”

“Playfulness is an act of creativity!”

“Good experience collaborating with an international team.”

Thanks to everyone that participated for providing so much energy and being actively engaged! Our labs’ success is dependent on your excitement and participation.

If you missed this lab, stay tuned for more Playnnovation events and new innovative formats coming soon.

If you want to learn more about the Playnnovation framework, send us an email to

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